Fentanyl test strips legality by state

StateLegal Status for Purchase by IndividualsCurrent Law or Proposed Bill to Legalize Fentanyl Test StripsReference link
AlabamaLegalSB 168Reference link
AlaskaLegalNoneReference link
ArizonaLegalSB 1486Reference link
ArkansasIllegalSB 40Reference link
CaliforniaLegalAB 1598Reference link
ColoradoLegal18-18-426Reference link
ConnecticutLegalHB 5430Reference link
DelawareLegalSB 76Reference link
District of ColumbiaLegalANN. §§ 48-1101 and -1103Reference link



FloridaLegalSB 164Reference link
GeorgiaLegalHB 1175Reference link
HawaiiLegalSB 671Reference link
IdahoIllegalSection 37-2734A Reference link
IllinoisLegalHB 3203Reference link
IndianaLegalIC 35-48-4-8.3Reference link
IowaIllegalHB 545Reference link
KansasLegalHB 2390Reference link
KentuckyLegalHB 353Reference link
LouisianaLegalHB 212Reference link


MaineLegalH.P. 732 – L.D. 994Reference link
MarylandLegalSB 1137Reference link
MassachusettsLegalSB 926Reference link
MichiganLegalMCL 333.745Reference link
MinnesotaLegalChapter 152.01Reference link
MississippiLegalHB 722 Reference link
MissouriLegalChapter 195Reference link
MontanaLegalHB 437Reference link
NebraskaLegal28-439Reference link
NevadaLegalAB 345Reference link



New HampshireLegalHB 470Reference link
New JerseyLegalS-3493/A-5458Reference link
New MexicoLegalHB 52Reference link
New YorkLegalSection 850Reference link
North CarolinaLegalHB 325Reference link
North DakotaLegalCent. Code § 23-01-44Reference link
OhioLegalRev. Code § 2925.14Reference link
OklahomaLegalHB 1987Reference link
OregonLegalHB 2395Reference link
PennsylvaniaLegalHB 1393Reference link



Puerto RicoIllegalHB 2395Reference link
Rhode IslandLegalR.I. Gen. Laws § 21-28.9-3.1Reference link
South CarolinaLegalTitle 44 – Chapter 53 – Article 1Reference link
South DakotaLegalHB 1041Reference link
TennesseeLegalSB 2427Reference link
TexasIllegalHB 362Reference link
UtahLegalSB 0086 Reference link
VermontLegal33 V.S.A. § 2004Reference link
VirginiaLegal54.1-3466Reference link
WashingtonLegalHB 1006Reference link


West VirginiaLegalHB 4373Reference link
WisconsinLegalSB 600Reference link
WyomingLegalHB 0232Reference link


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